A New Project

I’ve been trying to decide what to write next, and have been complaining everyday about how I just NEED a writing project to work on. After quickly brushing off the reminder that I have a 12 page research paper due at the end of thanksgiving break, with a firm “not THAT kind of writing, Mom” I decided on this:

If you need a new writing prompt, here’s a good one for today, especially today:

Write “I’m thankful for (something) I’m thankful for (something) over and over and over…

Here’s mine. I hope you will write one too.

I’m thankful for people, especially the type of people that believe Kind, Loving, and Honest are the best things to be. I’m thankful for a home that smells like Bath and Body Works cinnamon pumpkin wall flowers. I’m thankful for the pumpkin pie that I will eat today (note that I said the pumpkin pie not slice of pumpkin pie). I’m thankful that I have a family so nearby to share this holiday with: Mom, Dad, siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins. And grandparents–for them I am thankful for miracles; I have seen many this last week. I’m thankful for the knowledge that God lives. I’m thankful for the knowledge that He loves me every day despite every mistake I make every day. I’m thankful that these mistakes can be taken from my hand by Someone much greater. I’m thankful for snow because it means fuzzy socks and hot chocolate, not stuck tires and scraping ice off the windows. I’m thankful for education, because it means I can learn and grow; it’s a gift that means I have potential to reach my potential. I’m thankful for friends that laugh with me more than they talk with me, friends that have your back even if you forget to have theirs, friends that squeal over movies with you and share jokes that will go down in history. I’m thankful for my dog and his little black nose and that he hasn’t torn apart his Christmas sweater yet. I’m thankful for books, and the beautiful stories they tell. I’m thankful for perspective, because without it every story would be the same. I’m thankful to have been given the ability to write. I’m thankful that we can write our own stories and make real ones. I’m thankful for people that read, that took the time to read this, and that will try writing their own. I’m thankful for so much to be thankful for.

Happy Thanksgiving!

With <3,


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