Once Upon a Regency: A new series!

I have a super exciting announcement to make! I’ve been keeping this project a secret for a few months…and we are finally ready to share!

I’ve teamed up with four amazing authors to bring you a series of Regency fairy tale retellings! 
Heather Chapman
Jen Geigle Johnson
Rebecca J. Greenwood
Jessilyn Stewart Peaslee

These will be novella length stories, and we have each chosen a fairy tale to retell, setting our stories in the Regency era. They will be releasing monthly, February-June, and you won’t want to miss a single one. My addition to the series will be releasing in March. Stay tuned for teasers, cover reveals, and other exciting news!

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Romancing Lord Ramsbury

Book 3 in the Brides of Brighton series.

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Miss Grace Weston has read countless books involving courtship and romance. Putting her knowledge into practice, she offers her assistance in finding a match for her sister, declaring herself an expert in romance. She is well-read on the subject, after all.

When a bargain between sisters is struck, Grace is unable to resist a challenge. She must prove her expertise by gaining a proposal, one she plans to reject, from the man whose fleeting flirtation left her heart in ruin years before: Lord Ramsbury, the next Earl of Coventry. 

But Lord Ramsbury’s pride does not take well to rejection, especially when he learns he must marry to keep his inheritance. And so he undertakes a challenge of his own: He will change Grace’s mind. In a battle of pride and proposals, his heart becomes more involved than he ever thought possible. To win the battle and Grace’s heart, he must employ his most harmful weapon.

But what is so harmful about a bit of romance?

Marrying Miss Milton

Book 2 in the Brides of Brighton series.


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One must never underestimate the consequence of a simple kiss…

Tall, dark, and brooding, the Viscount of Barnet stole Jane Milton’s heart the day she saw him astride his black horse in the woods. With her three seemingly perfect younger sisters now married, Jane might finally have a chance to win him over. When she learns of his upcoming trip to Brighton, she grasps at an opportunity to be a companion to an elderly woman there, in order to follow—er—accompany Lord Barnet to the seaside town.

Mr. Philip Honeyfield has suffered the dreaded misfortune of inheriting a title. Ungainly and shy, how can he perform well in the eye of society? To navigate his new role, Philip seeks advice from an unlikely source. When he is smitten by his grandmother’s new companion, Miss Jane Milton, his advisor offers one final piece of counsel: he must kiss her at the upcoming ball.

But a moonlit kiss can be catastrophic when witnessed by a cunning mother, a marriage can be inconvenient when forced, and a woman’s heart can be difficult to win when it belongs to another. Can an unexpected love conquer Jane’s resentment and Philip’s regret? Or will that simple kiss turn out to be his greatest misfortune of all?

A Convenient Engagement

Book 1 in the Brides of Brighton series.

A false engagement. A mysterious coast. Two reluctant hearts.

Much to her father’s dismay, Miss Amelia Buxton aspires to become a spinster, just like her eccentric aunt. Growing up with parents who married for every reason but love, she has never seen a prosperous and joyful marriage. When Amelia requests a summer trip to the legendary waters of Brighton with her aunt, her father allows her the excursion, but with one requirement: She must return engaged, or agree to the proposal of the man of his choosing.

Crawling with tourists, Brighton is not the town Adam Claridge had once loved. When his sister Eleanor disappears without warning, Adam is desperate to bring her home. In his search, he happens upon Miss Amelia Buxton, a young tourist that proves vital in his search for Eleanor. But Amelia is conducting a search of her own–a search for a husband, and Adam has little choice but to offer a fair trade: He will play the role of Amelia’s betrothed in exchange for her assistance in finding Eleanor.

Convenient at first, Amelia and Adam’s arrangement quickly plummets into disarray. Falling in love had not been part of their bargain.

Coming October 2018!