Road To Rosewood

Road To Rosewood, coming April 2018! I’m still writing this book, but I think it will turn out to be a fun story. I can’t wait to share it with all of you! This story is filled with adventure, regret, danger, romance, and humor. Lucy is quite the character. If you’ve read Lies and Letters you’ll remember her. There may be some other familiar characters in this book as well . . . 😉

Cover and synopsis below!

Lucy Abbot longs to return to the country estate where she spent the best days of her childhood with her cousins and their charming neighbor Nicholas. Her protective parents, however, have other plans for her. When she finally dares to escape, her carriage is besieged by highwaymen with a familiar man leading them. Could this mysterious outlaw be exactly the person Lucy has been searching for?

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Happy Friday

A few LIES & LETTERS teasers. Happy Friday!


Craster, Northumberland. A haunting fishing town with a grey backdrop and castle ruins.


Please picture him (Colin O’ Donoghue, A.K.A. Captain Hook) when you read the book. You will thank me.


Charlotte loves music. This photo reminded me of the imperfect, chipped pianoforte that she plays in the story.

And now. . . for your first excerpts. Yay! There will be more to come. 


Clara stopped trying to reach the book, but melted into tears. “Stop! Stop!” She wrapped her arms around herself and leaned over, hiding her face from me.

I pulled out and crumpled another fistful of the pages. “You will thank me,” I said. When I finished, I dropped the binding to the dirt and laughed.

“How can you be so awful?” She spit the words at me and tears fell slowly down her cheeks. “I hope you fall in love someday, Charlotte. And I hope he breaks your heart.”

I shook my head with my hands on my hips. “Impossible.”

She stooped over the bench, gathering up the remaining pages and organizing them in a neat stack. Amid her movements, she glanced up at me, eyes like stone. “You’re right. I don’t believe you even have a heart.”

I kicked the crumpled pages away from her reach before turning to leave. Before I moved, I said, in a voice just as hard, “That is because a woman is much better off without one.”



It began with a slight pout of my lips. Then I leaned in close. “Is there truly no other option? We are so very afraid and alone.” I batted my eyelashes and smiled through them.

Instead of acting flustered, bending to my requests, Mr. Wortham surprised me. He stepped even closer to me. His closeness afforded me with a new view of his eyes. They were not only blue—they were streaked with green and edged in grey. “Aye, miss, but I would very much like to see you sporting a pair of fish-strewn breeches.” A wink followed the words. Heavens, the man could flirt with the best of us.

I warned him with a look, accepting that my ploy was ineffective. I wanted to stomp my foot and demand my way, but I suspected this James Wortham would find amusement in such an act. “You will never have the privilege.”


Less than 3 months! I’m so excited.

Lies and Letters COVER REVEAL and Introduction

I learned something over the last few months–It’s really hard to keep my own secrets. With the anthology releasing last week, I didn’t want to bombard everyone with too much book news and make things confusing. But I’ve had the cover for my new book since November, people! And I finished writing it almost a year ago. I wanted to share the news so many times, but I managed to wait until now.


Lies and Letters, releasing this July, is another regency romance following the story of an unlikely character from Mischief and Manors. Although it’s a spinoff, this story is meant to stand alone. There was a character in my first book that I felt needed an opportunity to grow, and this book did that for her. I’m so excited for you all to read it!

I learned so much from these characters and I hope you will too.

First, the gorgeous cover design by Priscilla Chaves:


Isn’t it so pretty? The color and little details are beautiful and very fitting to the mood and setting of the book. My favorite element has to be the fancy writing overlaying the whole thing.

And now…here’s a little more about this book.

This story is more than a romance (but still very romantic, don’t worry ;)) It’s heartbreaking at times, a story of a girl who faces trials, just like us all, but that end up working for her benefit. She is selfish and egotistical, outrageously flirtatious, and just rude.

In the beginning.

I thought I was crazy for committing to a character like that, but I think the thought and love that I put into this story could never have been so great if she had begun the way she ends. If she had already known the things she learns, or if she had already discovered how to be kind and to love. My heart went out to her once I realized that we are all a certain way for a reason. No one is terrible just for the sake of being terrible. Sometimes they just need someone to love them, and to open their eyes.

I’m sorry if you dislike her in the beginning. I’m sorry if you want to wring her neck. Just read. Embrace her story. See the world through her eyes. Celebrate her triumphs, despair over her heartache, and understand her mistakes. We all make them. If you’ll do this, I hope you’ll feel the things I felt when I wrote this story. I hope we can all judge a little less and be kind a little more. I hope you can close the book with a smile and a sigh, as you’ve come to love these characters as much (okay, maybe not quite as much) as I have.


Read the synopsis below!

Charlotte Lyons has ambitions, and she won’t let anything or anyone come in her way. When her first Season in London failed to make her a suitable match, and she failed to win the heir to Willowbourne the following summer, she is desperate to find a titled and wealthy husband, if only to appease her mother. But when her family is struck with financial ruin, the stakes are raised even higher.

Sent to the cold, wintery northern tip of the English coast with her sister, Clara, Charlotte faces an uncertain future. Although she is expected to pursue the wealthy Earl of the town, Charlotte finds her heart and attention captured elsewhere–by a kind, mysterious man below her station. Between hardship and sorrow, she finds more than she bargained for, forced to choose between the life she once wanted and a new love she never imagined.

Coming July 2017! Available for pre-order.