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Mischief and Manors is an endearing and vibrant regency tale with plenty of laugh-out-loud humorous antics and a sweet love story that will capture readers’ hearts.” -Heather B. Moore, USA Today bestselling author.

“Filled with emotion and humor. You won’t want to miss the fun at Kellaway Manor.” -Jennifer Moore, author of A Place for Miss Snow

“A dreamy narrative that puts modern chivalry to shame. Full of heart, depth, and immeasurable enjoyment, this instant favorite reminds readers everywhere to stop and listen to their hearts.” -Heather Chapman, author of The Second Season

“In her delightful and unforgettable debut novel, Mischief and Manors, Ashtyn Newbold brings us a beautiful story of courage, sacrifice, and love. The storytelling is impeccable and poignant, the characters deep, charming, and very often laugh-out-loud clever. Through the fascinating and wonderfully atrocious Owen and the selfless and brave Annette, we see that life is full of surprises that, if we let them, can take us to new heights.” -Jessilyn Stewart Peaslee, author of Ella and Ella’s Will

“A fresh voice for regency romance is on the scene as two adorable little boys and their caring sister find their way into the graces of family friends and the happily ever after they deserve. Mischief and Manors delivers a swoon worthy romance and treacherous villains with plenty of twists to keep the reader guessing.” -Laura L. Walker, author of The Matchup