Romancing Lord Ramsbury: Coming soon!

The wait is almost over for book 3 of Brides of Brighton! This story has been both challenging and seriously fun to write. Lord Ramsbury was a difficult character to tackle, but I really enjoyed getting to know him and his motivations better. To get you excited about this story, here is the cover reveal, blurb, and a fun excerpt 🙂

It will be releasing this month, so stay tuned for an announcement!

About the Book

Miss Grace Weston has read countless books involving courtship and romance. Putting her knowledge into practice, she offers her assistance in finding a match for her sister, declaring herself an expert in romance. She is well-read on the subject, after all.

When a bargain between sisters is struck, Grace is unable to resist a challenge. She must prove her expertise by gaining a proposal, one she plans to reject, from the man whose fleeting flirtation left her heart in ruin years before: Lord Ramsbury, the next Earl of Coventry.

But Lord Ramsbury’s pride does not take well to rejection, especially when he learns he must marry to keep his inheritance. And so he undertakes a challenge of his own: He will change Grace’s mind. In a battle of pride and proposals, his heart becomes more involved than he ever thought possible. To win the battle and Grace’s heart, he must employ his most harmful weapon.

But what is so harmful about a bit of romance?



Her sister leaned forward, lowering her voice. “If you can manage to woo Lord Ramsbury into a proposal, I will believe you are indeed an expert in love, and I will trust your counsel to court Mr. Harrison.”

Grace gasped, pulling away. “I would never marry Lord Ramsbury!”

“I did not say you had to marry him, only coerce him into a proposal.” Harriett’s smile, broad and wicked, showed that she felt the odds were in her favor for winning the wager. “No doubt he has dozens of women seeking his hand. It would indeed require an expert to catch his eye.”

The idea sat heavy and sharp in Grace’s stomach, filling her with dread. She could never face Lord Ramsbury again. And she could certainly not romance him.

“If you are successful,” Harriett said, “I will surrender all my pin money to you for the next three months and agree to court Mr. Harrison. I will even declare to Mama and Papa that your reading should be condoned, giving you full responsibility for the match. But if you fail, you will give me your pin money and never mention Mr. Harrison again.”

Grace narrowed her eyes. “I see you have great confidence in me. You would never offer your own pin money if you had even the slightest fear of losing it.”

Harriett gave a loud laugh.

Grace’s breath came quickly, catching in her chest like fire. She had never put into practice the advice she so readily gave to her sister. How could she succeed? Why would a man like Lord Ramsbury pay her any notice? He had once before, but it had been a game, a trap. He had used her young heart like a plaything, cruel and unforgiving.

A thought struck her. But if she could manage to win his proposal, she could have the pleasure of offering him the rejection he unwittingly gave her three years ago.

A slow smile touched Grace’s lips.

Aside from being well-read on the subject of courtship and romance, she was also well-read on the subject of revenge.

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